Monday, September 10, 2012

Not a Bad Pair of Hiking Shoes for the Price

We originally purchased the Hi Tec Bandera Men's Waterproof Mid Hiking boots for one of our kids.  We did not want to spend a bundle because kids tend to outgrow their shoes very quickly.  Sure enough, he did. 

I tried it and it fit me so I kept it for myself.  I have been taking hikes with them and they are very comfortable.  They are waterproof saw walking through puddles has not been a problem at all.  The shoes are lightweight enough that I don't feel I am being dragged down by shoes.  I have not had a blister yet, after walking with them for several months.

At $44.99, there are many more shoes available with lots of features.  We bought it at that price a year ago, but it looks like the price has gone up to $49.99.  They have lasted well and have a good construction.  I don't know if they will last several years or not, but I have already gotten at least a year's worth of comfortable wear.  All in all, the Hi Tec Bandera Men's Waterproof Mid Hiking boots is a good buy.

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