Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bet You Hadn't Thought of This: Education After the Collapse

Most preppers concentrate on the basics:  water, food, First Aid, lighting, shelter, safety:  aka beans, bullets and band-aids.  Todd, who runs Prepper Website, wisely thought of one aspect many of us have not considered:  Education after the Collapse.

He wrote an e-book that has made available at his other website, Ed that Matters.

I was full of curiosity as I downloaded the e-book.  We have a couple of school aged kids, and certainly would want them to continue to learn even after a long term disaster.   The book starts out with a fictitious scenario of an ever escalating downward spiral that establishes the setting.  He then discusses kids' differing learning styles and maturity rates before proceeding to the basics:  reading, math, science. 

You can read this very quickly but it certainly gives you a lot to think about.  Education after the Collapse actually gives practical, teachable ideas that you would want to remember.  I am glad I found this e-book.  Part of having a preparedness mindset is being aware of various risk and needs.  Education should be given high priority as the book clearly illustrates.

Education after the Collapse is available free of charge.  It is a worthwhile addition to your preparedness library.

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