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We started preparing for emergencies back in 2010.  After experiencing the loss of income and real estate properties due to the difficult economy, we saw the "writing on the wall" and realized the need to prepare for worse times.  In our effort to get prepared, we also took up hobbies that would contribute to self sufficiency:  gardening, bread making, fermenting, backpacking, etc.  We still live in a big city, but we can do what we can to be prepared and avoid so much reliance to the system. 

We have bought a lot of prepping gear in the past two years.  Some items are pretty stellar, but some are not worth your hard earned money.  We're not survival experts, just folks who are trying to get more prepared and have made a few mistakes in buying the wrong gear .We started this blog to help other make the best choices.  We're happy to help but please conduct your own research before making your decisions.

Hope you find stuff here you've been wondering about, and find the site helpful.

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