Saturday, January 30, 2016

9 Weapons (Besides Guns) That Could Save Your Life

9 Weapons (Besides Guns) That Could Save Your Life 297
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If the grid goes down, the ability to defend oneself will be invaluable. In fact, the importance of self defense will be right up there with food and water. Of course, a firearm is the most effective way to defend yourself from an attacker, but that might not always be possible. For example, if you find yourself in a place where firearms aren’t allowed.
The purpose of this article is to teach you about the many other types of weapons you can use to defend yourself. You can carry most of these anywhere without drawing any unwanted attention, yet they’re effective enough to take down almost anyone. Here, then, are 9 weapons that could save your life:
1. Knife – We’ll start with the most obvious weapon: the knife. Knives are everywhere, and almost everyone has at least a couple of them, whether they’re Swiss Army knives or big fixed bladed K-bars. Granted, while a K-bar or similar type knife is likely to draw attention to you, a simple folding tactical knife can be kept nicely concealed in your pocket and can be equally as effective. A knife can be even more deadly than a gun in close quarters. For self defense, opt for a durable folding knife that can be opened quickly and has a serrated blade with an ergonomic grip.


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