Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Started Carrying Pepper Spray

I hear so many stories in the news about unsuspecting shoppers being stalked and followed home by criminals.  They get accosted as soon as they get out of their car in their own driveway, or in their garage.   Some even have had kids in the car.

I always look around before I even click open the garage door.   I keep an eye out and get out of the car quickly.

Now I have taken one more step.  I am ordering pepper spray online just to have with me in my purse, the car and some next to the front door.  You just never know if someone is out to victimize you.  Not having a permit to carry a concealed handgun, I still want to have some kind of protection.

Here is a good article from the Active Response Training website about choosing pepper spray.  I has everything you need to know:

Pepper Spray- How to Choose it and How to Use it

Each state may have different restrictions regarding pepper spray.  Check the laws in your state before purchasing one for yourself.

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