Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Review of the Free Food Storage Analyzer from Emergency Essentials

I tried out the Emergency Essentials free Food Storage Analyzer.  They invite you to try it out and they give you a free $10 Emergency Essentials gift card for your effort.  It's a good offer -  I get to evaluate my own food storage, and I get a reward for doing so.  What a deal!

When you first get in, you are asked to provide the number of people, male or female and age of the persons you are calculating for.

It will tell you the number of calories you need in your food storage per day.

You then proceed to the analyzer.  In the analyzer you fill in the foods that you already have.  It will not allow you to fill in pantry foods unless you log in.  However, once you have finished entering the various categories - cereals, meats, fruits, vegetables etc, it will tell you how much you have on hand and what you will need.

Overall the Food Storage Analyzer was easy to use.  The instructions were thorough and walk you step by step throughout the process.  I learned a lot about my own food storage plan and "holes" in my plan.  I had to look through what I had to fill it out properly.  Including all the listing and finding what I have in the pantry, it took me about 20 minutes or so but it is worth your time.

I have a little ways to go in my food storage but I have at least a month's worth. I am glad I tried out the Emergency Essentials free Food Storage Analyzer.

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